Transforming Anova Feed into an ideal workplace is the throughout mission that the HR department as well as the entire members of the group must adhere. To achieve this, we focus on building a transparent and open working environment where every member has the opportunity to contribute, advance and shine. We also consistently innovating and improving our compensation and welfare policies in order to be competitive within the job market.

Anova Feed has been honored with several awards in recognition of our constant efforts in building the best working condition for our employees:

1. 2015: Top 100 Best Workplaces in Vietnam
2. 2017: Asia Best Employee Award 2016

In addition, in 2017, Anova Corporation is also proud to be honored at the Vietnam HR Awards 2016 for businesses with excellent human resources policies on compensation, welfare, planning, recruitment and working environment.




At Anova Feed, we do survey on our compensation and welfare policies in yearly basis to make appropriate adjustment. This kept us up-to-date with the latest job market which is becoming more competitive over talented manpower.  Our incentive scheme includes salary, work allowances, 13th month salary, bonuses according to ability and performance ...


In addition to our competitive compensation scheme, Anova Feed welfare policy is also a remarkable notion in which we constantly giving support to our employees and improving our welfare system. The policy has some major incentives such as an extended health insurance program for employees and their relatives,  an education sponsor program for employees children, and an inviting program for purchasing the company's products with discount prices.


Abiding to Anova Feed's vision, we focus on training and developing our workforce to satisfy the needs of each individual in particular and to Anova group as a whole. In doing so, our Human Resource Department has established a focused and diversified training and development program with multiple courses to provide essential skills for our employees. The program would not only enable our employee to be more effective and efficient at their current job, but also keeping them up-to-date with international practices.

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